RMLV: What is best practice?

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesWhat is best practice?

When there are a number of models or ways to do things, some examples generally work better and provide more effective outcomes than others. The policies and practices that meet the requirements in the best possible way are called ‘best practice’.

To manage a licensed venue, the basic principles of conducting a good customer service-focused business apply. This is understandably difficult in an industry that has a high level of casuals, staff turnover and mobility. As an industry that promotes tourism, recreation and relaxation, the addition of alcohol brings its own risks and the need to adopt good management strategies to:

  • Foster and grow the image of the business, the region and the industry
  • Guard against risks and problems with the community, council and enforcement agencies

Everyone wants a safe place to enjoy themselves, to encourage tourism and repeat customers. While there are a range of best practice strategies for every facet of the business, in this section we will focus on:

  • The use of a quality staff procedures manual
  • The risk assessed management plan for the premises
  • Well-trained staff

Good teamwork and communication between all staff