RMLV: Trading over Boxing Day and the New Year

RMLV, Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesLicensees and approved managers must be aware of the restrictions on trade during the Boxing Day and New Year celebrations.

 Boxing Day trading

On Boxing Day, usual liquor trading hours and conditions resume. No gaming is allowed between 12 midnight Christmas Day and 10am on Boxing Day when usual trading hours resume.

New Year’s Eve trading

On New Year’s Eve, all licensees are permitted to trade liquor until 2am on New Year’s Day and gaming until 2:30am. This applies regardless of your regular approved trading hours.

This means that the bar must finish serving at 2am, unless the “premises” is currently approved to trade beyond 2am.

If this is not the case, patrons must finish drinks and leave the premises by 2.30am.

Licensees who are not currently approved to trade past 2am and wish to trade after 2am must apply for a “one-off’’ extended hours permit for New Year.

Applications must be received by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation 21 days prior to the event.