RMLV to prevent alcohol related death

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesOne of the reasons Responsible Management of Licensed Venues was introduced by the Queensland government was to prevent alcohol-related death.

More than 40 potentially fatal conditions, including various cancers, liver disease, falls, road injuries and child abuse, are caused in whole or in part by alcohol.

Data from the National Drug Research Institute shows that between 1992 and 2001: 31,133 Australians (6,036 Queenslanders) died from risky and high risk alcohol use – 75% were male and 25% female. The main causes of death were:

  • Liver cirrhosis – 6,825

  • Road crash injury – 5,489

  • Cancer – 2,874

  • Suicide – 2,495

More people died (16,756) from immediate alcohol misuse than long-term or chronic alcohol problems. This reflects a pattern of drinking to intoxication. Deaths from immediate causes were more common among young people, particularly those aged 15–29. Chronic effects are more common with 45 years and older.

Licensees and approved managers must understand the dangers or excessive drinking, and how RMLV assists in preventing alcohol-related death.