RMLV Strategies: Promotions

Inappropriate venue promotionsEvery venue needs some form of marketing and promotions strategy to retain and attract new customers, but how do you keep your promotions from encouraging excessive drinking?  Keep reading to find out more about venue promotions.

Here are three (3) methods of preventing patrons from becoming unduly intoxicated.

1. Discourage activities that encourage excessive drinking

  • Ban promotions that involve drinking large volumes of alcohol quickly

  • Make sure snack foods are readily available during ‘happy hours’

  • Avoid serving drinks that involve non-standard measures of alcohol

  • Don’t offer ‘drink cards’ that offer multiple, free drinks or large discounts

  • Offer smaller serves of drinks (half nips) at reasonably lower prices

 2. Do not promote or offer alcohol that may encourage patrons to drink excessive amounts

  • Avoid conducting promotions that encourage patrons to consume liquor irresponsibly

  • Do not advertise or hold promotions of very high alcoholic substances.  This could include overproof rum or high-alcohol carbonated drinks

  • Do not allow stockpiling of drinks

 3. Advertise non- or low-alcohol drinks and promote food consumption

  • Promote low-alcohol beer at lower prices compared to full-strength beer

  • Ensure bottled water is available at reasonable prices

Advertise specials on snacks and food throughout operating hours.