RMLV Strategies Part 1: Amenities and Patron Responsibility

Amenities and Patron ResponsibilityIt may be your responsibility as a licensee or manager to ensure your patrons receive high quality customer service, but did you know that your patrons must also meet their responsibilities when visiting your venue?  Here are some guidelines to help you determine what falls under the responsibility of the licensee and those of the patron.

Licensee responsibilities:

  • Make sure to assist patrons in accessing safe transportation out of the area.  This might include advising door staff to offer information about local public transport services, late night bus services and nearby taxi ranks.

  • Take measures to reduce noise from the venue.  Keep doors closed wherever possible.

  • Use signage to educate patrons about the need to respect the local amenity.

  • Monitor your patrons’ behaviour to prevent the unlawful removal of liquor from licenced premises, such as concealing open bottles of alcohol.

  • Keep informed of external issues, such as increased traffic from a local event.

  • Ensure police are informed of any alterations of closing hours or variations, such as special events or new activities.

  • Respond promptly to all legitimate complaints and concerns.

Patrons’ responsibilities:

  • Respect any signage that outlines venue and staff obligations when providing alcohol.

  • Abide by House Policies.

  • Conduct their behaviour in an orderly and non-disruptive way.

  • Cannot demand entry to the venue while intoxicated – staff are required to refuse entry and service to the patron.

  • Patrons must accept refusal or service and entry.

  • If involved in an incident on the premises, patrons must cooperate with police.

If you require further information on your responsibilities as a licensee or manager, RMLV training is an essential course that will help define your responsibilities, in accordance with current legislation, and remove any uncertainty within this area.  Make sure to stay tuned for part two in this series.