RMLV: Staff Procedures Manual

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesA staff procedures manual is a tool for licensees and approved managers to ensure that employees are aware of the expectations of their position.

New staff should be introduced to the manual when they commence employment and encouraged to use it as a reference guide. Some employers require staff to study the manual and acknowledge their agreement in writing to act in accordance with it.

Employers need to recognise the low literacy rate within the industry when preparing these types of documents and ensure they are written in plain English. A manual which is easy to follow will only encourage staff to use and refer to it.

Staff meetings can be used to review sections from time to time to reinforce messages. When issues arise that are not covered or need to be changed, they can be discussed at staff meetings prior to inclusion to ensure that everyone is aware of the issue and how to deal with it in the future. In this way, staff will contribute to the updating of the manual and have some ownership of and commitment to its contents.

The manual should include:

  • Tasks to be completed

  • Procedures and processes to be followed (e.g. for refusal of service)

  • Expected standards of behaviour (from patrons and staff)

  • General information about the job and management expectations

The following is an example of the contents of a staff procedures manual:

  • Staff rules and standards of dress

  • Opening procedures

  • Closing procedures

  • Cleaning procedures – daily duties

  • Cash handling

  • Security

  • Stock–receiving, dispatching and transfers

  • Credit card transactions

  • Phone procedures

  • Customer service

  • Responsible service of alcohol

  • Refusal of service

  • Eviction of patrons

  • Barring patrons

  • Reporting incidents

  • House rules

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