RMLV: offences for licensees and approved managers

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesOffences for licensees and approved managers under the Liquor Act may be categorised as:

1. Offences for licensees, approved managers, employees and contractors

2. Offences that can be committed by any member of the public

Offences for licensees

Penalties apply to general business requirements, for not:

  • Displaying licence type, licensee details and trading hours on the premises

  • Providing appropriate warning signage for adult entertainment areas

  • Seeking approval to change the name of the business

  • Keeping the licence document on the premises

  • Producing the licence on request by police or an  investigator

In relation to the sale and supply of liquor, the offences include:

  • Supplying liquor in an unauthorised quantity, time or manner

  • Allowing patrons to purchase or take liquor from the premises out of trade hours

  • Not seeking approval for after hours activities when liquor is deemed free

  • Selling or supplying liquor in an irresponsible way or not providing a safe environment

  • Licensee not exercising control over the premises

  • Providing adult entertainment without a permit

  • Not supervising adult entertainment

  • Not advising changes to company directorships

  • Allowing unlawful betting or gaming on the premises

  • Allowing the premises to be used for another business or purpose without approval

  • Letting or subleasing the premises

  • Altering the premises without approval

  • Allowing minors on the premises

  • Allowing minors in an adult entertainment area

A range of offences under the Liquor Act apply to any member of the public, not just licensees and approved managers. This is to recognise the role other people play in some offences which should be penalised.