RMLV: liquor licensing investigators

Responsible Management of Licensed Premises

Who is an investigator?

An investigator is either an OLGR compliance officer or a police officer.

OLGR staff members are issued with a photographic identification card. Licensees and staff should request to see this identification if it has not been shown to them. The investigator is not entitled to exercise powers under the Act unless the card is shown.

What do investigators do?

  • Compliance checks

  • Investigate complaints (e.g. noise, patron behaviour)

  • Specific investigations (e.g. intoxication, minors, illegal trading)

OLGR officers will usually visit venues twice a year to conduct compliance checks. However, if complaints are received, these visits will be increased. In more remote regional areas, police will carry out some of these checks for OLGR.

Police and OLGR officers work together on specific operations to do checks on underage and intoxication. At busy times of the year, for example, during annual festivals, schoolies, New Year‘s Eve, etc., these joint visits are increased.

Compliance checks

Investigators will conduct random checks of licensed premises for compliance with the Act. On these compliance visits they will check:

  • Whether the licensee is complying with the principal activity of the licence

  • Whether the necessary particulars are displayed on premises

  • Whether the licence document is available

  • General cleanliness and state of repair of the premises

  • Emergency exits and lighting

  • Whether ID is being checked for minors

  • Patron behaviour

  • Intoxication levels

  • Responsible serving practices.