RMLV: Create a Risk Management Culture on Licensed Premises

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesLicensees and approved managers should strive to instil a risk management culture at their venues. One of the key ways to begin this process is to consult with existing staff. Encourage staff to identify and report potential and existing safety concerns and form a risk management committee, or nominate a staff member to whom safety concerns and risks can be reported.

Providing basic risk management training to venue management and key staff will also involve them in the risk management process. At management meetings, include venue safety and risk review as standing agenda items and have all incidents reported, and review their handling and outcome.

It is also important to address poor skill or behaviour levels by security or other staff. For example, you might implement comprehensive ID checks of staff at the recruitment stage, including photographic checks.

Some licensees hire a risk management expert who can help brief and/or train management and staff on risk management principles. Risk management professionals also prepare and/or assist with safety audits; undertake an initial risk assessment and prepare a risk register while developing, document and implement practices and procedures on venue safety.