RMLV Course and Other Application Requirements as A Manager

Becoming a manager of a business that has a liquor licence comes with specific responsibilities. Among these responsibilities is having attained the right training and certification.

One such requirement is the Responsible Management of a Liquor Venue (RMLV for short). The RMLV is a mandated requirement through the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR), which stipulates that businesses must have a person/s duly trained in RMLV course content as a manager for specific licences to be issued.

In Queensland, the RMLV course training and RMLV certificate are attainable through Registered Training Organisations, or RTOs, which can be found throughout the state. The RMLV QLD training takes up to ten hours of continuous delivery, which means that a person can complete the training in a single day. A manager may access the RMLV online or through face-to-face classes.

The course attendee will be provided with the certification once the course has been successfully completed and documentation is processed. The RMLV certificate document is emailed by the RTO at this point and also lodged through Australia Post and sent to the course attendee.  The certification will remain valid for three years from the date of certificate issuance, after which the certificate holder must undertake the RMLV training again and renew their certification.

Given this information, there are eligibility requirements for any person applying to become an Approved manager of a business that is required to have a liquor licence:

  • The first requirement for eligibility is that the applicant must be at least eighteen years of age. Minors cannot apply for the role; if they are not old enough to drink, they’re not old enough to serve as managers of a business;
  • The second requirement is that they cannot be an individual licensee, as the role of a manager requires that there must be staff to be managed; and
  • The third requirement is due to compliance, the RMLV training and certification from an RTO must be current.

The Approved Manager’s licence is valid for five years. However, the RMLV certification is three years; the Approved Manager’s licence does not supersede the validity window of the RMLV certification. As such, the certificate holder must still renew even if their five years as a manager of a licensed liquor business hasn’t been completed.

There is an application fee, which is processed through the OLGR. There are also annual fees that must be indexed annually and should be complied with by July 31st of the calendar year.

Once the application as an Approved Manager has been processed, the business must then officially appoint the manager as part of their staff, as well as establish a nominee – an alternative who is part of the staff and is in charge of the RSA management duties in the event of the Manager’s absence. New licensees must notify the OLGR of manager appointments. On the other hand, licensees can appoint a new or different manager at any time, without needing to inform the OLGR.

The Acts and Regulations that govern the role of Approved Manager are the Liquor Act 1992 QLD and the Liquor Regulation 2002 QLD. These documents can be perused at any time through the OLGR website or the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) website.

For more information about the process, get in touch with CTA Training Specialists and enrol in an RMLV training course. Learn the ropes of managing a licensed liquor business today.