RMLV: Collecting Details of Past Incidents

Responsible Management of Licensed PremisesThis blog continues our series on risk management for licensees and approved managers.

Step 2 – Collect details of past incidents required to be recorded in the incident register

Collate details of incidents during the safety audit period which either involved a person being injured and/or required to be removed from the venue. The following details should be collected:

  1. Date incident occurred

  2. Type: Assault, theft, drug supply or drug possession, offensive behaviour, unduly intoxicated, minor, others

  3. Outcome: (a) injury (b) person removed (c) injury and person removed

  4. Location and time: Where in the premises and at what time the incident occur?

  5. Incident register: Was the incident adequately and promptly entered into the register?

  6. Recording: Was the incident clearly recorded on CCTV and was the recording secured and protected from deletion?

    Names: Were all relevant parties identified by name?

    Action: Indicate other action taken, for example, ban imposed

    Police involvement: Was the matter reported to the police?

    Review: Was the cause, handling and outcome reviewed and endorsed bymanagement or the licensee?