RMLV: Collecting Details of Other Incidents

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesWhen collecting details of other types of incidents on licensed premises, collate numbers and details of other incidents that occurred during the safety audit period including:

  • Entry refusals

  • Intoxication

  • Behaviour issues within the venue (other than removals or injuries)

  • Criminal activity

  • Any other incident

Analysis of past incidents

Where possible, involve key security, venue management and other staff in an analysis of the data collected, how the incidents arose and how they were handled. Here is a guideline of things to consider.

  1. What is the most common type of incident?

  2. What are the primary causes of major and minor incidents?

  3. Where do major and minor incidents mostly occur?

  4. What incident types have increased or decreased?

  5. What are the highest risk times/days?

  6. What are the highest risk areas of the venue?

  7. Are there new risks or trends emerging?

  8. Should CCTV and/or ID scanner systems be considered?

  9. Are CCTV and ID scanners effective?

  10.  Did incidents occur or increase when a particular type of entertainment was provided?

  11. Did lighting quality affect CCTV footage or the prevention, detection or handling of the incident?

  12. Is any particular patron demographic of most concern?

  13. Should any person(s) involved have been refused entry?

  14. Was any incident caused or escalated by unprofessional staff actions?

  15. Did a lack of proper supervision or training of security staff contribute?

  16. Are staff levels adequate to prevent and address incidents?

  17. Is any particular staff member more regularly involved with incidents?

  18. Was management sufficiently aware of the number and types of incidents that occurred during this period?

  19. Were incidents handled in accordance with venue practices, procedures and standards?

  20. Were incidents detected early enough?

  21. Was any incident preventable, and if so – how?

  22. Was the ultimate response of the venue to the incident adequate and appropriate?

  23. Were complaints about the number of incidents or the handling of incidents had been made?

  24. Is the number of incidents, or their outcome, affects the reputation or business of the venue?