RMLV and Metal Detection Wands

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesVenues introducing the metal wand search should have the necessary controls in place, including staff training. Towards best practice for safety in licensed venues suggests ways for managing metal wand searches as a condition of entry while respecting the rights of patrons.

Metal detection wands may enhance security by detecting weapons and foil-wrapped drugs. They may also deter criminal or anti-social behaviour. However, due to their perceived intrusive nature, a decision for their introduction and continued use should be risk-based.

Here are some guidelines for introducing metal detection wands:

  • Timely information and strict procedures are required to protect the rights of patrons

  • Where dangerous or prohibited articles are discovered, entry should be refused, rather than involving the venue in confiscation or other complex actions

  • Staff should be well-trained and closely supervised

  • Base the introduction of metal detection wand searches on risk assessment

  • Inform patrons as early as possible of the need to submit to a voluntary metal detection wand search

  • Inform patrons of the consequences that may apply for not agreeing to do so or for failing the search

  • Implement procedures that preserve the integrity of the search and respect the privacy and rights of patrons

  • Limit the extent to which a patron is asked to reveal an article, the nature or content of which is not obvious or easily explained

  • Regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of metal detection wand searches and compliance with venue procedures

  • Metal detection wand searches should only be conducted by licensed crowd controllers under close supervision

Where these best practice principles are inconsistent with a legal standard under the Liquor Act or Liquor Regulation that specifically applies to your venue, including a condition of licence, then you are obligated to follow that legal standard.