RMLV and community expectations

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesCommunity expectations are that licensees and approved managers must act responsibly by ensuring appropriate standards of behaviour, in and around their venue in order to minimise:

  • Harm to individuals

  • The potential for local area disturbances

Disturbances include noise from entertainment and patron behaviour problems. The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation receives numerous complaints for noise-related issues.

Community members may often object to proposals for new liquor licences and extensions of trading hours, if they are concerned how approval would disturb the peace and good order of their local neighbourhood.

In some cases there may only be a small number of objectors, but in others there may be hundreds of concerned residents. As an example, the Liquor Licensing Division received more than 1,500 objections to an application for a general licence in 2001. This is the largest response recorded to date.

 The community is also concerned about:

  • The cost of alcohol abuse and misuse

  • The role of alcohol in crime, violence and vandalism

  • Drunkenness in public places

  • Access to liquor by young people

  • The marketing of liquor products to entice young people

Harm will be minimised around licensed premises if responsible management of licensed venues is exercised.