RMLV: Advertising Alcoholic Beverages Code of Practice – Part III

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesThis blog reproduces a copy of the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code for licensees and approved managers in their endeavour to meet their legal requirements of licensed premises in Queensland.

Retail Advertisements

Advertisements which contain the name of a retailer or retailers offering alcohol beverages for sale, contain information about the price or prices at which those beverages are offered for sale, and which contain no other material relating to or concerning the attributes or virtues of alcohol beverages except –

i)   the brand name or names of alcohol beverages offered for sale;

ii)  the type and/or style of the alcohol beverages offered for sale;

iii) a photographic or other reproduction of any container or containers (or part thereof, including any label) in which the alcohol beverages offered for sale are packaged;

iv) the location and/or times at which the alcohol beverages are offered for sale; and

v)  such other matter as is reasonably necessary to enable potential purchasers to identify the retailer or retailers on whose behalf the advertisement is published, must comply with the spirit and intent of the Code but are not subject to any process of prior clearance.