Risky drinking levels

Do you know understand the health related harms associated with alcohol?The Responsible Management of Licensed Venues (RMLV) training course details health related harms associated with alcohol. More than anyone, licensees and hospitality staff must be aware of the harmful effects of alcohol, together with standard drink details, and general liquor product information. One of the most important reasons is for their own personal health.

Licensees, approved managers, and duty managers need to take care of their own health. In the hospitality industry the meeting and greeting of customers often involves having a drink with the regulars, business colleagues, friends and family. Over the course of a day, and often without realising it, this can lead to high-risk drinking.

Workplace Health and Safety is another reason. Many workplaces and certainly most machinery based industries, prohibit staff from drinking during working hours. Likewise for licensees and managers, liquor consumption on duty will reduce the ability to supervise patrons and monitor for intoxication or the presence of minors.

Finally, it is difficult to expect staff or patrons to adhere to standards set for the venue about responsible drinking if management does not provide a visible example.

The RMLV training course provides licensees, approved managers, and hospitality staff will the knowledge they need to reduce the risk of health related harms caused by alcohol.