Risk assessment for violence on licensed premises

Record incidents in your venueIt’s important to keep a detailed record of incidents where people have been abused, threatened or assaulted while working.  Not only will you have the information necessary to train and educate your staff on how to handle a potential incident, you will also be able to determine what areas of your venue are most at risk and set up the appropriate controls.  Check our previous post on the different types of venue incidents.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Ask your staff whether they have experienced any situations that could have been handled better.

  • Check out government information websites.

  • Look back at your accident and ill-health records and see if there are any patterns or similarities.

Licensed premises

Three of the main causes of violence in pubs/clubs include:

  • Disagreements between customers;

  • Customers being intoxicated;

  • Customers who have used illegal drugs.

It’s important to have an appropriate number of security staff members to assist in monitoring customer behaviour.

Retail premises (bottle shops)

Due to external factors that can’t be monitored by staff, two of the main causes of violence in bottle shops and other retailers include:

  • The unpredictable behaviour of shoplifters and drug users;

  • Verbal abuse (this is more common than physical violence).

As a Responsible Manager, you will be required to create a management strategy to protect your staff and patrons.  Don’t let your RMLV Certificate expire.  Check our RMLV page for a course near you.