Revoking an exclusion

How long does a patron actually get to revoke once they have served their 12 month exclusion?  Working for Club Training Australia has been an amazing experience and has opened up many windows to great conversation between colleagues! The most recent conversation I had with a college of mine was after training a Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) session at a Queesnland club.

The main topic in question was how long does a patron actually get to revoke once they have served their 12 month exclusion?  The simple answer to this is question is 28 days from the date of the anniversary… the complicated answer is whether it is initiated from a venue exclusion or self-exclusion (well morally anyway).

What we need to look at in the instance of a self-exclusion is if the patron has attempted to revoke within this time!  We need to remember that the major reason we implement the training and procedures into our venues is to minimise the harm to the individual and the community.

This was the main focus of our conversation: what I have found is that if the patron has been able to show that they have been rehabilitated so to speak, then the potential for them to revoke and be allowed to gamble is extremely good. Depending on the situation of course, however they need to show that the harm that was initially created has been minimised.

A few ways this could be proven to us as a venue is to have letters from councillors, family members and also personal recommendations. It is vitally important to remember however, that it is still the choice of the venue on whether we allow the patron to revoke on the grounds that the harm is minimised.

This will be seen as best practice from a community point of view and will result in a positive gaming environment for all involved. Undertaking a Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) training course is an excellent way of increasing your knowledge of the exclusion and revocation procedure.