Responsible Service of Gambling

Responsible Service of GamblingVenues should implement responsible gambling practices, such as developing and displaying a Responsible Gambling Statement, notifying customers of their commitment to responsible gambling in a prominent location within the designated gambling area.

Venues could develop their statement based on the contents of their Responsible Gambling Policy. The statement should summarise the venue’s commitment to responsible gambling in a succinct and easy-to-read format. In addition to the designated gambling area, the statement could also be displayed around the venue in a number of other areas, which may include:

  • Near ATMs, EFTPOS facilities and the cashier’s booth

  • In conjunction with the signage for the gaming nominee’s name

  • Internal signage e.g. promotional boards, flyers etc

  • Scrolling messages across Keno screen, EGMs or on-house A/V system

  • In newspaper advertisements

  • ‘On-hold’ phone messages

  • Radio or TV advertisements

  • Website pages

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