Responsible Service of Gambling – Mandatory in Queensland

Responsible Service of GamblingDid you know that, in Queensland, it is mandatory for all staff carrying out gaming duties to obtain their responsible service of gambling (RSG) within 3 months of their employment too? If they do not, you, the licensee can be held responsible and can be charged a hefty fine.

If your staff are performing any of the below duties, it is mandatory for them to have a current RSG:

Supervise employees that are responsible for gaming conduct

Supervise the access to internal parts of a gaming machine

  • Supervise money clearance from machines

  • Issue keys, for the security of the gaming machines, to staff members

  • Supervise entries into accounting records that have to be kept under the Gaming Machine Act 1991

  • Arrange repairs in regard to the gaming equipment

  • Perform or witness payouts

  • Prepare self-exclusion orders

  • Prepare a revocation notice for an exclusion direction

  • Make an entry in Form 3G: ‘Register of Excluded Persons’

  • Prepare a Form 3R: ‘Report on Excluded Persons’

  • Prepare a Form 3H: ‘Notice of Contravention’

If any of your staff are performing any of the above duties and do not have an RSG or current RSG, they should refrain from performing these duties until their RSG is completed. Club Training Australia has RSG online for only $24 per person, and only takes up to 4 hours to complete. Start training now.