RMLV: Responsible Management Practices on Licensed Premises

RMLV and Controlling Environmental Factors

You may have heard of alcohol-related harm making the headlines lately.  It is a fact that violence and anti-social behaviour can occur in various levels within licensed premises.  However, there are various steps that you, as a Responsible Manager, can take to prevent alcohol-related harm before it occurs.

Some steps you can take can include controlling environmental factors such as:

  • Ensuring that staff are visible and accessible to patrons in need of assistance
  • Sufficient numbers of staff, especially management and security staff, to manage the volume of people and any potential problems
  • Encourage staff to be proactive in getting patrons to seek assistance if they experience offensive or aggressive behaviour
  • Ensure that any patron who feels threatened is assisted in accessing safe transport.

House policies are an effective way of specifying acceptable and unacceptable behaviours. To help you form a solid set of house policies, you can gain resources to assist you from liquor licensing authorities and health agencies in each State-based jurisdiction in Australia.  You can also get advice from the police to determine the display and availability of this material.

All responsible managers of licenced premises are required by Queensland State legislation to update their RMLV certificate every three (3) years.  Don’t let yours expire. Check our course page to find a class near you.