Responsible gambling statements

Customer Liaison OfficerCustomer Liaison Officer training is an effective way of maintaining appropriate practice and service of gambling in licensed venues at all times.  For instance, it’s crucial for Customer Liaison Officers in hotels to ensure that a statement notifying customers of their commitment to responsible gambling is displayed in an easy to access, prominent location within the gambling area.

It is equally important to make customers aware of statements required by law, by promoting them in alcohol and provision of gambling products such as hotel signs, newspaper advertisements, mail outs, hotel fliers, and at the bottom of letterheads.  Here are a few examples of this:

  • “The (insert hotel name here), a responsible community organisation.”

  • “The (insert hotel name here) supports the responsible enjoyment of our facilities.”

  • “The (insert hotel name here) – promoting responsible enjoyment.”

You can also add these statements to your hotel website – perhaps adding a ‘Responsible Enjoyment’ section to demonstrate how patrons can maximise their enjoyment responsibly.  Try the following suggestions:

  • Promotion of non-alcohol and low-alcohol drinks;

  • Advertising of safe transport options;

  • Tips about gambling within their means;

  • Where help is available (from staff, or via posters)

  • Caring and confidential ethos within the hotel.

It is also suggested that displaying a ‘Responsible Gambling Statement’ via your Hotel’s mission statement of Responsible Gambling (House Policy) in areas around your venue that experience high traffic, such as cashier booths and entrances to the venue.

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