Responsible Gambling Code of Practice: Accountability and Review

Customer Liaison OfficerCustomer Liaison Officers should be very familiar with the Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice which has been recently updated. 

Accountability and review

All gambling providers within Queensland are responsible for ensuring their commitment with the relevant practices contained in the Code of Practice. Each gambling provider will maintain appropriate records relating to the practices in the Code of Practice.

While commitment to the Code of Practice is voluntary, there are practices that are also a legislative requirement. These practices must be complied with according to relevant laws. The Code of Practice will be monitored and evaluated regularly for its effectiveness and commitment by industry, where appropriate minimum standards may be recommended and codified into legislation. The Queensland Government will retain the right to legislate in any area of gambling at any time.

Cultural and geographic diversity

In recognition of the diversity in Queensland, gambling providers have a responsibility to respond to the needs of their local communities.

Where appropriate, consideration needs to be given to ensuring people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds have access to relevant prevention and protection measures contained in the Code of Practice.

In addition, it is recognised that people living in different geographic areas may have particular needs that gambling providers will take into account in implementing the Code of Practice, wherever appropriate.