Removal of Gaming Licences for Venue Staff in Queensland

Customer Liaison OfficerBy now you would have all guessed that I tend to write on the questions that were asked during training, for I find Customer Liaison Officers that they are the most interesting, and basically what is on everyone’s mind! So… in saying that…I’ve had a lot of people ask me this week during my gaming training, “what do you think is going to happen now that the government has abolished the gaming license requirement!!?”

That is an amazing question and I think that we are yet to see a lot more to come, in regard to changes in compliance within our beloved hospitality industry. In my opinion it is going to depend on how we combat these changes, which is going to be vital for the reputation of our industry, and we are going to be more on the ball in minimizing harm. And more so, be able to show to the public that we are doing this in every way possible.

A few suggestions have come up with to combat these negative views that the public has on gaming:

Even though the gaming license has been abolished, it doesn’t eradicate any liability for gaming compliance all together. Your staff will still need to have an RSG certificate to work in a gaming room!

Also we need to be even MORE aware now of the problems associated with gaming rooms and problem gamblers. This can also be achieved through Customer Liaison Officer club training courses…..  Yes another plug! However, training at this stage is becoming VITAL for our compliance survival!

Basically what I’m trying to get across is, with all this in place, we need to be even more aware that our staff must be sufficiently trained in all areas of gaming! What you’ll find on what this will do is give your venue a better image in the public’s eye when it comes to these negative impacts, and ultimately improve your profits!