Receiving goods

Receiving goodsReceiving goods within a commercial kitchen doesn’t appear to be important within the scheme of things; however, most small businesses complete this task poorly. This is as most don’t know or realise the steps that are important within the process.

As stated prior, most small businesses do not complete the process or receiving goods appropriately. This is as items are simply received and, generally, there are few controls in place and minimal concern for accurate checking and cross-checking of goods when they are delivered. Most small businesses ‘hope’ and assume that all products that have been received are of high quality, this is not always the case. This is more common in small businesses as they do not have the resources to allocate to checking and cross-checking products that have been received, and that the order that has been delivered is correct and just sign for the delivery.

In a well-managed establishment, the invoice-receiving technique is often used which entails:

  1. Comparing the delivery docket with the purchase order

  2. Compare the actual delivered goods to the paperwork and invoice

  3. Inspect each item carefully, ensuring there is no damage, rotten goods and/or products missing

  4. Inspect each product, ensuring the quality of each item including the ‘best before’ and use ‘by dates’ for each

  5. Logging the temperatures of high-risk foods, and rejecting deliveries if they do not meet the temperature standard

  6. Ensure credit it obtained if products have been sent back or have not been delivered

  7. The responsible person should sign and get a copy of the signed delivery docket if possible.

It is very easy for products to go missing in the delivery stage, and there should be one person within the business made accountable for each delivery, ensuring that all paperwork and ordering is kept in order and the product is not lost. If you have any issues with your current supplier, you should consider finding another to ensure product quality, as your business must ensure that it is providing the best products to customers. If you would like to learn more on how to receive goods appropriately, we recommend that you go to our website and complete a Food Safety course online.