Queensland Trainer of the Year Awards – meet our finalists

Club Training Australia is proud to announce a record number of our trainers who have been declared finalists in the 2014 Queensland Trainer of the Year Awards.

While all of our trainers were surprised and delighted at the recognition, we believe that this has been the result of a lot of late nights, long trips, busy days and dedication to the future of our trainees and the venues we work with. We would like to congratulate all of our trainers on being formally recognised for their dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional training to the industry!


Todd Darragh – Far North Queensland Region

Club Training AustraliaTodd is one of Club Training Australia’s most experienced trainers and is competing for the Far North Queensland region.  Todd has worked in the hospitality industry since he was 17 and is passionate about mentoring some of Queensland’s most disadvantaged youth in order to help them build a rewarding career in hospitality.

“A real passion of mine is working with today’s generation of school leavers and allowing them to realise that there are career opportunities in Hospitality. Not everyone is suited to University, but studying toward a qualification in Hospitality is very rewarding and within everyone’s reach.”


Rochelle Fox – North Coast Region

Rochelle FoxCompeting for the North Coast region, Rochelle has over 17 years experience in the hospitality industry starting her career as a chef.  Since then, Rochelle has dedicated herself to passing on her skills and knowledge to young trainees and help them reach their goals as hospitality professionals.

 “My favourite moments are when I have practical sessions with the trainees, and show them something for the first time. For example, the student’s excitement when I teach them the skill of ‘coffee art’. I strive for more moments like this.”


Paolo Pavia – Metropolitan Region

Club Training AustraliaPaolo made his way from Italy to Australia and has developed his career as an experienced head chef along the way.  Paolo is an extraordinarily dedicated trainer who imparts his flair and passion for the art of cooking onto his trainees.

“Over the years I have trained and mentored apprentice chefs in each of the major towns and cities in the state. I have worked alongside Head Chefs, Sous Chefs and apprentices in more kitchens than I can count and each of them different. Not only do I believe I have contributed to their knowledge, but they too have contributed to mine.”


Aletia Ramscar – North Coast Region

Over the past 15 years, Aletia truly made the kitchen her home and has created a developed portfolio as an experienced head chef.  Craving the fulfillment of a mentorship role, Aletia is dedicated to helping all her trainees succeed in the industry.

“My most challenging, yet rewarding achievement to date would have to be succeeding to support an apprentice that had basically given up.  He refused to do any book work, and didn’t seem to care if he completed his apprenticeship or not.  After the first few visits, we had built a strong rapport and mutual understanding as to the importance of the theory components, as well as finishing something he had started.”


Flerida Todorovski – South East Region

Since the age of 16, Flerida has built a solid background as a hospitality professional.  Her exceptional knowledge of the industry makes Flerida a first-class trainer and is able to prepare her students for any scenario the hospitality industry might expect of them.

“Getting to know our trainees is very important in order to develop a healthy & professional relationship with them. Understanding their personalities, their interests, and also what they would like to do career-wise when they complete their Certificates. Showing an interest in our trainees’ lives has helped us contribute to help further their careers.”