Quality customer service in FNQ?

Certificate II in HospitalityFar North Queensland offers so many wonderful and unique features. The area I’ve been in for the past two days is now the coffee bean capital of Australia, has exotic fruits and wonderful seafood.

The locals are laid-back, familiar-friendly and love a joke. I’m left wondering why clubs and pubs here don’t take advantage of those fantastic elements.

I just had a meal at one local clubs. It was OK but the oysters came from NZ and the barramundi was cooked only one way …  in tempura batter.

Interestingly, the menu was hard coded; painted on a back-lit sign. I wondered how often the menu is changed. The sticky labels over the price list suggested that prices change more often than menu items.

The wonderful woman who served me in the bistro was everything you’d want from a venue in FNQ; friendly and helpful.

But the younger woman at the Keno counter really couldn’t be bothered. As her customer, I gave her better customer service than she gave me!

So where were the unique features that we love about FNQ?