Providing gambling information to patrons

Do you always respond to a gambling patrons' request for information respectfully?It is every gambling provider’s responsibility to provide information to ensure patrons can make informed decisions about their gambling.

As a gambling venue employee, your role in providing information to patrons within your workplace is absolutely critical.

To deliver responsible service of gambling general guidelines for good customer service include:-

  • Never assume, take the time to clarify precisely the information the patron is requesting.
  • Always respond to a patrons’ request for information respectfully and notify an appropriate person if you don’t know the answer yourself. This could be the venue’s Customer Liaison Officer (CLO), your supervisor or a manager.
  • If you do give out information, make sure it is accurate and complete. Don’t guess or provide partial information, again if you don’t know the answer your CLO can help here.
  • Ensure that the information is provided to the patron as quickly as possible.
  • Always treat patron requests for information in a confidential manner, you must respect the privacy of every patron. Only discuss a patron’s request for information with appropriate personnel such as the CLO or other qualified person.

Ensure your RSG certificate is current to ensure you can confidently provide information to gaming patrons and meet your obligations under relevant gaming legislation.