Providing A Safe And Secure Environment

Complete an RMLV certification every three yearsAre you sure that your venue is up to scratch when it comes to meeting all health and safety requirements?  Did you know that all venue managers and senior staff members are required under Queensland OLGR legislation to complete an RMLV certification every three (3) years?

Fortunately, there are several simple exercises you can implement to ensure that your venue and operations is safe for both staff members and your customers.

Inside the venue:

  1. Make sure all emergency exits are easily identifiable, well-maintained and operable during trading hours

  2. Ensure staff members monitor customers’ behaviour and report any incident of drink spiking or criminal behaviour to police

  3. Keep an updated log of images and associated records of incidents to aid police investigations

  4. Maintain a detailed record of every incident, including the name/s of all staff, security personnel involved and the entrance or exit where the incident occurred

  5. Ensure there is sufficient signage in the venue to educate patrons about the need to respect amenities and limit disruptive behaviour

Outside the venue:

  1. Ensure areas near entrances of late-night venues have electronic surveillance and hold recording for at least 7 days

  2. Keep car parks operated by licenced premises lit to Australian Standards

  3. Take all necessary steps to respect local residents and businesses to minimise disruptive incidents that may be caused by the venue or its patrons

  4. Assist patrons to access safe transport, such as providing directions to bus and train services or taxi ranks

Club Training Australia provides 2-day RMLV courses that can help you and your staff develop a safer venue and working conditions.  This training can help you understand RMLV requirements further and reduce the risk of heavy fines when carrying out your duties.