Protective and Risk Factors in Bars

Minimise violence in bars with RMLV trainingPart of RMLV training involves examining your venue from an objective perspective and determining what internal and external factors may possibly affect your patrons.

In order to create the right atmosphere within your venue, you must encourage people to behave in a way that suits the environment of your venue.  You must set standards to be able to achieve this.

According to research carried out by a Scottish study in 2005, there are some interesting factors associated with alcohol-related problems in licensed premises, including drunkenness and violence.

In summary, here is a list of protective factors that can help your venue avoid serious complications due to alcohol-induced behaviour.

Protective Factors:

  • No congestion, not overly crowded

  • Inappropriate persons (e.g. intoxicated or underage) being refused entry or refused service

  • Good standards of cleanliness and housekeeping

  • Friendly staff

  • Quick and efficient service

  • Calling last orders in plenty of time

  • Managing the exit of patrons

  • Monitoring patrons, including at entry, the bar and the exit

  • Promotion of food (full meals and snacks)

  • Higher percentage of customers sitting

  • Staff trained in responsible service

  • Good range of reasonably-priced soft drinks

  • Good communication between staff.

Risk factors that are more likely to cause problems within your venue can include:

Risk Factors:

  • Unsupervised pool tables

  • TV showing aggressive, offensive, sexual or intoxication-related images

  • Music with a lot of offensive or sexually explicit words

  • Congestion anywhere in the premises (at the door, bar, stairs, toilets, dance floor, etc.)

  • Higher percentage of customers standing

  • Drunk or underage persons allowed in and served

  • Vomiting

  • Drug dealing or drug use

  • Drunk customers in the premises

  • Staff being hostile or aggressive towards patrons

  • Staff allowing aggression or watching conflict

  • Staff sending people outside to fight

  • Late intervention by staff in situations

  • Patrons served double at closing time or served after closing time

  • Smokiness and/or lack of ventilation

  • High level of noise and movement

  • Lack of bar wiping, table clearing, toilet cleanliness

  • Openly sexual or sexually competitive activity (such as “pulling”)

  • In-house promotion or entertainment focusing on alcohol and “sexy dancing.”

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