Preventing violence

Certificate IV in Occupational Health and SafetyViolence and aggression include both verbal and emotional abuse and/or threats; it also can include physical abuse. So how do you prevent workplace violence? It is important, to be able to prevent workplace violence, that you have a prevention strategy and have a clear understanding of violence and the motivation behind it.

There are three (3) types of workplace violence that is common within the workplace:

Type I: Type I incidents are those where a predator is external from the organisation and has no direct relationship with the organisation. An example would be a robbery of a bank by a chance person. 

Type II: A type II incident is perpetrated by a customer of the service provided. For example, that would be a customer who comes in regularly and they physically abuse a staff member.

Type III: Type III incidents are perpetrated by a current or former staff member of the organisation. Type III incidents encompasses internal violence between staff members. For example, this could include two staff members verbally abusing each other in the tea room due to not seeing eye to eye on a topic.

Many workplaces are at risk of workplace violence and are unaware. The first step in considering how violence can affect your business is to proceed and contact us, and we can sit down with you and consider your risk and how you can prevent it from occurring. Nevertheless, being able to understand the motivators and the different levels of violence in the workplace is a starting place, as knowledge is key.