Preventing underage drinking

Responsible Service of AlcoholIn NSW it is illegal to sell, supply or obtain liquor for a person who is under 18 years of age. Licensees and RSA staff need to take a proactive and high profile approach to support this NSW legislation in relation to the prevention of underage drinking.

It is essential that licensed venues focus on properly checking proof of age to prevent minors gaining access to liquor.

Licensees may also introduce initiatives to prevent underage drinking, such as:

  • Requiring any person appearing under 25 years of age to produce age identification

  • Close scrutiny of any identification produced and only accepting the approved forms of identification

Venues may also maintain an incident register (which is mandatory for late trading venues) to record all instances where minors were refused entry by RSA staff to the premises, or where police were called because of concerns over the validity of the evidence of age produced.

The information in the register can then be used to determine if the venue’s underage strategy is effective and, if needed, to take any necessary steps to improve the strategy. This may include joining a liquor accord or, if the premises is already an active member of an accord, raising the issue at the next accord meeting.