Preventing alcohol-related violence

RMLV trainingDid you know that the 2004-2005 total costs attributed to alcohol-related crime, Australia-wide, was approximately $1.7 billion?   

It’s your job as a responsible manager to ensure that your staff, customers and venue is protected from alcohol-related violence.  By putting appropriate measures in place, not only will you and your venue be protected from legal and media scrutiny, you can enhance your reputation within your local community as a venue that takes a zero-tolerance approach to violent, criminal behaviour.

Here are some effective measures your venue can take:

  • Ensure your venue is not overly crowded, by posting door security and restricting entry at a safe capacity

  • Make sure that people can access the bar with minimal wait times

  • Train your staff to be friendly and professional so they can cope with high demand, and ensure that service is polite and quick.

These are just a few ideas to help you ensure that your patrons have an enjoyable experience.  To ensure that if any staff must be required to undertake RMLV training, check the Club Training Australia short courses page to find a training location near you.