Preparing mouth watering sauces

Interested in a career in commercial cookery?Sauces, dressings, garnishes and various accompaniments might be additional to the main ingredients of a meal. They can be used to enhance the flavour, colour, aroma and overall presentation. A Certificate III in Commercial Cookery introduces you to the fundamentals of cooking, such as making quality sauces.

Sauce is a term used in cookery to describe a wide range of flavoured liquids that are served as part of a meal or dish. Sauces can transform the overall presentation of a dish by adding flavour, moisture, richness and visual appeal.

Many of the dishes prepared in the kitchen will either come with a sauce as part of the dish or will have sauces that are offered as side dishes as a standard offering with a meal.

Sauces can come in a variety of different styles and consistencies. They can be thick, thin, rich, creamy, or light and delicate. Depending on the purpose, sauces can be strongly flavoured, hot and spicy, or even sweet.

Sauces prepared at your establishment can consist of the following:

  • Mornay (Cheese) sauce

  • White sauce

  • Parsley sauce

  • Pepper sauce

  • Mushroom sauce

  • Dianne sauce

  • Hollandaise

  • BĂ©arnaise

  • Mayonnaise

Bottled sauces could include tomato, barbecue, soy, black sweet chilli, tartare, mustard sauce, etc. Some establishments will prepare these bottled sauces also.

Each establishment will have a particular method and style for the service of their sauces either prepared or bottled. You will need to check with your workplace as to their preferred method of service.

Checkpoints for the addition of sauces:

  • The amount of sauce used should be proportionate to the size of the dish

  • Foods should not be swamped by the sauce

  • Utilise the correct sauces for the right dishes

  • Ensure drips, or smudges of sauce, are cleared away using a clean cloth

  • Replate a meal or replace it if sauce spillage is too difficult to clean

  • If serving as a takeaway, sauce container must be suitably packaged and clearly labelled

Learn how to make mouth-watering sauces by undertaking a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.