Preparing Food From Vertical Rotating Spits – Part II

Follow workplace hygiene proceduresThis blog continues a series for Food Handlers ensuring that meat is prepared and cooled safely, by identifying the most appropriate methods to manage potential hazards related to vertical rotating spits.

It is not a good idea to re‐use leftover spits. While the spit is cooling, bacteria can survive and multiply and produce toxins (poisons) that survive reheating. Before cooling, the spit must be cooked completely, reaching an internal temperature of at least 75°C, as bacteria can survive in food which does not reach at least 75°C in the centre.

Do not reuse a spit if the internal temperature of the spit has not reached 75°C.


  • The meat should be cooled quickly ‐ that is, cooled to 21°C within two hours then to 5°C within the next four hours. Food that is not cooled quickly enough can allow bacteria to multiply.

  • For large quantities of meat, cut into smaller pieces to ensure it cools quickly.

  • Store the leftover meat in the refrigerator or cold room. Never leave the meat on the rotating spit to cool overnight.

Food Handlers should check the internal temperatures of meat by using a probe thermometer that can reach the middle of the spit. The probe should be cleaned with water and detergent then sanitised with boiling water or an alcohol wipe before and after each use. The following records should be kept in a temperature log whenever temperature checks are completed:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Who completed the check

  • The product that was checked

  • The internal temperature reading.