Planning meetings: the agenda

Business TraineeshipA business traineeship will give you the skills to prepare an agenda for meetings. Below is a sample of discussion topics listed on a fixed agenda.

1. Call to order – The person leading the meeting (the chairperson or president) says, “the meeting will come to order.” This is how the meeting is started.

2. Minutes – One of the secretary’s jobs is to take notes during the meeting and write down everything that was discussed. During the meeting, the secretary will read the minute of the previous meeting.

3. Officers’ reports – Officers of the group/club include the chairperson, vice- chairperson, secretary and treasurer. A report is given by each of the officers during the meeting.

4. Committee reports – The chairperson of each committee tells the group what their committee has been doing.

5. Unfinished business – The chairperson presents items discussed at the previous meeting that need to be discussed further.

6. New business – The chairperson presents new topics for discussion. New business sometimes is referred to as ‘special order.’

7. Special interest program – A guest speaker is invited to speak about a topic of interest.

8. Announcement – The chairperson or any member shares information with members about upcoming events and activities.

9. Adjournment – The chairperson moves to adjourn the meeting and closes the meeting.

The agenda is distributed with a notice of when and where the meeting will be held.

Undertaking a traineeship in business studies will assist you how to plan effective meetings.