Personal presentation in hospitality

Certificate III in HospitalityIn hospitality establishments, you are representing both yourself and the organisation you work for. Your personal presentation is important to the customer’s first impression of where you work. It tells them a great deal about you, the way you approach your job, and the service you are likely to offer. The image you need to present is clean, caring and professional. You can achieve this by:

  • Maintaining hygiene standards
  • Wear clean and pressed clothes
  • Have clean and neat hair
  • Limit the jewellery that you wear
  • Have short, clean finger nails with clear or no nail polish
  • Clean your teeth regularly and ensure they are in good condition
  • Keep any open cuts or wounds covered while at work, by using a waterproof cover over a band aid or bandage
  • Wash your hands after eating, smoking, handling garbage or using the bathroom

Personal presentation also involves etiquette. Etiquette is about making your colleagues and customers feel comfortable by the way you behave. This includes:

  • Greeting and welcoming guests appropriately
  • Using suitable language
  • Showing good manners
  • Being courteous
  • Being professional
  • Opening doors for guests
  • Offering seats

How you carry yourself, and project your body language, is an important key to your personal presentation also. Be confident, maintain good posture and stance at all times.

You will learn more about professional personal presentation if you learn Certificate III in Hospitality.