Personal Hygiene for Apprentice Chefs

Interested in a career in commercial cookery?Hygiene is paramount in all food areas including the premises, equipment, staff and all food prepared and sold by the business. It is management’s responsibility to make sure hygiene standards are met, and it is the responsibility of all staff including Apprentice chefs to meet these standards.

Personal Hygiene

At all times, you must be aware that the human body harbours germs and bacteria. Apart from this, you work closely with customers and other members of staff. If you look crisp, clean and smart the customer will know that you carry that pride through to the way the premises is kept.

When handling food, it is extremely important to have high levels of personal hygiene.

Standards required include:

  • Washing hands

  • Not smoking near food

  • Not going to work when sick with a gastric disorder or a contagious disease

  • Using a handkerchief or tissue when sneezing, coughing, etc.

To ensure you meet the highest standards of personal hygiene:

  • Take daily showers

  • Wear clean and pressed clothes

  • Have clean and neat hair and wear hair nets when necessary

  • Limit the jewellery that you wear

Management must understand that workflow planning makes work easier and assists in teamwork; the cooperative aspect of a number of staff members working together to achieve targets.

One of the core units during a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery is learning about food safety and personal hygiene.