PErforM or be Punished

  • New State Government Regulations
  • Will you be ready on January 1, 2012?
  • Will you have formally committed to a manual tasks risk management program?

Not sure what this means?

In the New Year, all venues will need to prove they are committed to reducing risks associated with manual handling. 

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has developed a hospitality-specific program called PErforM.

CTA are the first RTO to be trained to deliver this program to the industry.
The program enables you to create a team to find solutions to manual handling issues in your workplace.


The benefits of completing PErforM?

  • Helps workplaces to involve their own people in solving manual task problems.
  • Reduces the risk of workers compensation
  • Reduces the risk of replacing injured staff.
  • Complies with legislation

Read more about the PErforM Program here:

How can CTA assist your venue with PErforM?

  1. CTA can set your workplace-based OH&S teams up with all the tools and knowledge ready to work through PErforM, allowing your team to facilitate implementation and on-training.
  2. CTA can work with your workplace-based OH&S teams through the PErforM Program from start to finish, including the implementation throughout your venue and on-training of all other staff in your venue.


 Please contact Bill Alexion, National Business Solutions Manager for your own PErforM Program or for more information on 0407 464 305 or