A poll of 800 voters shows more than half of Australians want a compromise on poker machine reform that could include voluntary pre-commitment.


Pollsters Textor Crosby asked the question of what should the Labor Government do on gambling reform in light of Peter Slipper’s decision to leave the Coalition to assume the position of Speaker of the House.


The polling offered 4 options with the resulting support for each option in brackets:


  1. Carry on with mandatory pre-commitment (19.3%)
  2. Introduce gambling reform but negotiate an alternative position so it has less effect on clubs such as voluntary pre-commitment (55.1%)
  3. Abandon poker machine reform altogether. (19.4)
  4. Don’t know/ No opinion (6.2%)


That means that the vast majority of Australians believe that MPC should be buried.


Clubs Australia Executive Director Anthony Ball said the polling confirmed that mandatory pre-commitment had been exposed as a magic bullet solution to problem gambling.


“This polling in marginal Labor and independent held seats shows that Australians are tired of Andrew Wilkie’s posturing and threatening of the Federal Government.”


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