Penalties under the Liquor Act 1992

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesFor licensees and approved managers to meet their obligations under the Act, it is necessary that they are aware and have an understanding of the basic offences and trading rules under the Act. A range of penalty action may be taken under the Act if a licensee, manager or other person is found breaching the law. The type of action includes:

  • Official warnings

  • On-the-spot fines

  • Prosecution through the Magistrates Court

  • Disciplinary action through a “show cause” notice

  • Changes to trading conditions or trading hours

  • Suspension or cancellation of a licence

It is not only the licensee and approved managers who may be fined for breaching the Liquor Act. Depending upon the offence, the following people may also be fined:

  • Manager

  • Person in charge of the premises at the time

  • Employee

  • Crowd controller

  • Patron

  • Minor

  • An adult who has irresponsibly supplied liquor to a minor on private premises

  • A person who has supplied liquor to a minor in a public place, on street or place adjacent to licensed premises

The penalties for the licensee and approved manager are generally more severe as it is ultimately their responsibility to ensure that breaches do not occur, and that all employees and contractors are aware of their responsibilities.