Patrons on premises at times other than when liquor may be sold or consumed

RMLV trainingYou may already manage a licensed premises, but are you completely aware of the legislation under the Liquor Act 1992 – Section 184 (1)(C) that empowers investigators to remove people who are found on licensed premises at any other time than when liquor is sold, consumed or removed from the premises?  RMLV training is a great way of keeping your knowledge up to date with any legislation changes. 

Here are some of the circumstances where investigators will not be required to take action.

  1. When approval has been granted by the Commissioner under Section 148

  2. When a meal is being consumed in parts of the premises specifically intended for dining

  3. If patrons are engaged with sporting activities at a community club or similar venue

  4. If patrons are requiring the use of PubTAB or ClubTAB on Anzac Day, at commercial hotel or community club licences, from 12 noon

  5. If food services are being provided to patrons at any licensed premises between the hours of 7am and 10am (for use of premises prior to 7am: separate application should be sought, apart from the use of relevant premises on Anzac Day).

Further detail should be sought for after hours sale of liquor by the licensee to patrons in this circumstance, as this guideline recognises that businesses choosing to provide non-liquor related services.

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation has the right to cancel any approval to venues that are in breach of noise or behaviour complaints.

For venues to avoid incurring complaints about noise regulations, entertainment venues must have a minimum of 2 hours cessation between permitted trading hours and the re-commencement of meal services.

Noise emanating from entertainment, music or other related activities at the premises must not exceed 75dB(C), fast response, when measured approximately 3m from the source of the noise.