Particulars to be displayed on licensed premises

Learn which licence you need for your venueUnder the Liquor Act, premises must display certain material in dealing with the nature of the business.  As a responsible manager of a licensed venue, you must ensure that permitted trading hours are displayed conspicuously.

Premises licensed under the Liquor Act must display certain particulars that relate to the nature of the business.

Liquor licences – nature of business

In instances where the title of the organisation or business reflects the key services of the business (such as “restaurant”, “niteclub” or “motel” and so on), the licensee isn’t required to make a separate indication of what the business offers.

Details of the business must be clearly displayed to indicate the nature of the business, which will generally coincide with the ‘principal activity’ that will be included on the licence document.  Some examples, including acceptable abbreviations, as follows:

Licence type

Principal activity

Commercial other licence (subsidiary on-premises)

Activities may include:

  • Nightclub
  • Service of meals
  • Events and functions
  • Accommodation

Commercial other licence
(subsidiary off-premises)

Catering services

Florist operations

Gift and accessory services


Commercial other licence (producer/wholesaler)

Liquor wholesaler
Liquor Manufacturer

Community club
Community other

The business operation of a club

Commercial hotel – main premises

Commercial hotel – bottle shop


Any operations involving the sale of liquor on or off the premises

The sale of liquor to be removed off site

Trading hours for all licences

Licensees must display the actual permitted hours of trade.  This includes approved extended hours which must be shown on the licence document.

Displaying signage such as ‘Actual trading hours may vary’ is also permissible.

Detached bottle shops and satellite cellar doors

These businesses operating under commercial hotel licences and satellite cellar doors under wine producer licences are required to display, in addition to the name of the controlling premises, the actual permitted hours of the bottle shop.  Hours can deviate from the core premises.  However, it is recommended that the licence document be consulted before displaying any information.

Commercial special facility licences

Liquor outlets operating under commercial special facility licences must display the actual permitted hours of the business, as well as the name of the special facility licence.  Again, these hours can vary depending on the type of outlet, and it is recommended that the licence document be reviewed.

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