Part 1 What to consider when creating a procedures manual

Staff managementCreating a staff procedures manual is a valuable tool for Managers, to ensure that your employees are aware of their job responsibilities and expectations.

Literacy levels should also be considered when creating these manuals, and employers should be aware of that some employees may come from a non-English speaking background, as well as those who may experience difficulty with literacy.  To ensure that this material can be understood, you should take care to use clear terms and definitions.

Here are some points that your manual must address:

  • Tasks to be completed

  • Procedures and processes to be followed (i.e. refusal of service)

  • Expected standards of behaviour (from patrons and staff)

  • General information about the job and management expectations

It’s a good idea to review sections at a time in staff meetings, to ensure your staff understand the content of the manual and deal with any difficulties or issues that arise.

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