SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services (RSG) – Northern Territory

The SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services (RSG) course for Northern Territory hospitality workers. This course provides a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment which allows to work within a licensed venue and provide information to customers who require assistance with their problem gambling.

Club Training Australia are the sole provider of the online NT RSG.

*Same day certificate – if you have uploaded your assessment/s by 4pm Queensland time on a business day (Monday – Friday) and they are marked as competent by one of our trainers and assessors, and you have also provided a verified USI number, you will be issued with your nationally recognised Statement of Attainment via email on the same day.

This online SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services course covers the skill and knowledge requirements common to all States and Territories for RSG. Some legislative requirements and knowledge will differ across borders, however you will learn to;

  • Provide Responsible Service of Gambling
  • Assist customers to gamble within appropriate limits

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Course Outline

There are 2 elements in the online SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services course to be completed.  In line with the new Australian Government Department of Education & Training course packages, it is now a requirement to upload a written response as part of the RSG course assessment.  Therefore, to be competent in SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services one of our qualified trainer and assessors is required to assess that a student can demonstrate their understanding of implementing responsible gambling practices and being able to provide information and assistance to customers about problem gambling.

Each section of the course includes video, readings, interactive activities and case studies to assist in your learning experience.

  • Element 1 – Implement responsible gambling practices
    • Follow responsible gambling service procedures according to relevant state and territory legislation and industry and organisational policy and codes of conduct.
    • Communicate with appropriate personnel on gambling-related incidents, situations and their compliance with legislation and industry and organisational policy.
    • Maintain accurate records of gambling-related incidents and associated staff action according to industry and organisational policy and procedures.
    • Ensure gambling environmental features support responsible gambling policies within the scope of own responsibility.
  • Element 2 – Provide information and assistance to customers about problem gambling
    • Provide accurate and appropriate information on problem gambling to customers on request.
    • Follow procedures for self-exclusion and exclusion according to legislation, industry and organisational policy, and confidentiality and privacy requirements.
    • Display signage and information related to responsible gambling in appropriate places visible to players, according to industry, organisational and legislative requirements.
    • On request, provide information on available support services according to confidentiality and privacy requirements, and industry, organisational and legislative requirements.

Download the SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services Course qualification information for the full course details.

This course can also be delivered face-to-face.  Please contact our team at Club Training to further discuss this option.

Club Training Australia is responsible for ensuring compliance and conducts regular reviews on all of its training programs.  Club Training Australia will ensure that through the implementation of the Australian Qualifications Framework Issuance Policy that students will be issued the certification documentation to which they are entitled to.

Course Duration

Please allow approximately three (3) to four (4) hours to complete your online training course.

From the time of enrolment, you have six (6) weeks to complete your training course.

Valid State Requirements

In Australia each state has its own legislation governing gaming. This online course meets the requirements of the National Training Package.

This RSG course meets the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework and is recognised by the following State Government Liquor Licensing Authorities:

  • Queensland: Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR)
  • Western Australia: Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor (RGL)
  • Northern Territory: Northern Territory Government
  • South Australia:  Government of South Australia

Your SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services Statement of Attainment will not expire, however you may wish to complete refresher training to ensure you maintain your knowledge.


SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services Statement of Attainment

  • Provided we have a verified USI number, as soon as you complete and upload your Final Assessments and they are marked as competent by one of our assessors, you will be issued with your nationally recognised Statement of Attainment via email.  You will also be able to download the certificate via the Club Training Australia student portal.

The Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) is the national set of standards which assures nationally consistent, high-quality training and assessment services for the clients of Australia’s vocational education and training system.

Where Can I Work?

  • Bars, Clubs and Pubs
  • Casinos and Gaming Venues
  • Hotels and Resorts

Potential Career Outcomes

  • Duty Manager
  • Food & Beverage Attendant
  • Food & Beverage Supervisor
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Gaming Attendant
  • Gaming Supervisor
  • Gaming Manager
  • Bar Attendant
  • Bar Supervisor
  • Bar Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Venue Manager


What Internet browser should I be using to do my course?

The course and its features unfortunately do not support the Internet Explorer browser.  We strongly recommend you use Google Chrome or Firefox.

Click here to download Google Chrome

Click here to download Firefox

Who needs an SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services Certificate?

People who carry out gaming duties or gaming tasks within a licensed club or hotel must complete RSG training within 3 months of starting employment.

Is the online SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services training course accepted in all Australian States and Territories?

Licensing laws are different in each State and Territory; not all States accept online training. The Club Training Australia SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services (RSG) online training course meets the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework and is a nationally recognised unit. This online training course is accepted in Northern Territory and endorsed in the following States and Territories:-

  • Western Australia
  • Queensland

How much does the course cost?

The online SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services training course is $20 which includes phone and email support from our qualified trainers and assessors.

Are you an International or overseas student?

If you are currently an overseas student or in Australia on a Student Visa you are NOT eligible to enrol into this course with Dickson Wohlsen Pty Ltd t/a Club Training Australia as we are not CRICOS/ELICOS registered. Please contact your nearest CRICOS registered RTO.

English is my second language, will I have difficulties understanding the learning materials?

Our qualified trainers and assessors have years of experience helping students from all over the world. Sometimes just having something explained over the phone makes the difference. Phone our Helpdesk on 1800 653 266 or (07) 3878 8977.

What type of certificates will I receive when I finish my online SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services course?

You will receive a nationally recognised “SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services” Statement of Attainment

How long before I receive my certificate?

As soon as you successfully complete your Assessment and are marked competent, you can generate your nationally recognised Statement of Attainment. Download and print your certificate and start working immediately.