Fire Warden Online Training

Are your Fire Wardens equipped with the expert knowledge & practical skills to evacuate building occupants safely?

This Online Fire Warden Training course is essential for organisations that want to equip their Fire Wardens with the expert knowledge, training and practical skills needed in evacuation coordination instructions and will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage building emergencies.

Participants will learn how to respond to a fire or other incident, evacuating building occupants safely and  assisting with post-incident procedures.

This course is a general knowledge course, and is NOT nationally accredited.


Looking for a face-to-face course?  Simply contact our Consulting division, DWS Hospitality Specialists on 07 3878 9355 or click here for more information.

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Course Outline

This course has been designed to cover all the areas of theoretical training that is required to execute the roles and responsibilities of Wardens and Floor or Area Wardens

During this course, employees will learn about:

  1. How to identify and report emergencies and hazards.
  2. How to behave during emergencies.
  3. How the emergency control organisation is structured.
  4. The procedures for emergency response.
  5. How to respond to emergency warnings.
  6. How to prevent and prepare for possible emergencies.
  7. How to spot hazards and what to do to control them
  • 100% Online Course – Complete your course quickly and easily online, no need to visit a classroom.
  • Same Day Certificate – Upon completion your certificate will be made available to you
  • Learn at your own pace – We keep a record of how far you’ve progressed with your course, so you can complete it whenever you prefer.

Course Duration

From the time of enrolment, you have twelve (12) weeks to complete your training course.


On successful completion, each student will receive a certificate demonstrating the attainment of the skills and knowledge gained through the completion of this course.

Please note that this is not a Nationally Accredited Course.


What Internet browser should I be using to do my course?

The course and its features unfortunately do not support the Internet Explorer browser.  We strongly recommend you use Google Chrome or Firefox.

Click here to download Google Chrome

Click here to download Firefox

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for Fire Wardens and Floor or Area Wardens.

Is this the nationally accredited Fire Wardens course?

No, this course is a general knowledge course covering a range of topics for Fire Wardens. It is NOT a nationally recognised course and on completion you will receive a certificate of completion.