Customer Liaison Officer – CLO Online – Queensland

The Customer Liaison Officer unit expands on the skills and knowledge learned in the unit SITHGAM201 Provide Responsible Gambling Services to assist venues and gaming staff meet the legislative requirements when working for or operating a gambling venue in Queensland.

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This online CLO course covers the skill and knowledge requirements common to Queensland only, including:

  • Receive all comment or feedback from staff regarding patrons gambling activities or requests.
  • Actively assist patrons who directly approach for assistance.
  • Actively assist third party members who approach for assistance in relation to a family member or friend.
  • Actively assist and receive direction from gaming support and/or counselling services.
  • Actively assist patrons in providing information on self-exclusions.
  • Maintain all relevant forms and registers pertaining to exclusions.
  • Provide information to relevant staff regarding patrons who are excluded from venue.
  • Ensure the venue complies with legislation regarding problem gambling.
  • Ensure information is provided to patrons regarding counselling services, odds on winning and any other relevant information and signage.
  • Provide assistance to staff with gambling-related problems.

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Course Outline

There are 3 Sections in the online Client Liaison Officer (CLO) Course to complete followed by a final assessment.

This online training course describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to achieve good responsible gambling objectives within a range of service industry operations. These objectives include:

  • Providing an effective mechanism for people who are experiencing harm from gambling to avoid opportunities to gamble.
  • Assisting in strengthening existing legislation to prevent the potential for harm to arise from gambling in Queensland.

Assisting in providing greater uniformity on exclusions across gambling acts and improve the operational viability of existing exclusion provisions.

Course Duration

Please allow approximately three (3) to four (4) hours to complete your online training course.

From the time of enrolment, you have twelve (12) weeks to complete your training course.

Valid State Requirements

The Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice requires that gambling venues appoint a person to perform the role of Customer Liaison Officer (CLO).

A CLO performs three (3) important functions:

  • Provide the appropriate information to assist customers with gambling related problems.
  • Support staff in providing assistance to those customers.
  • Provide responsible gambling exclusion procedures.

Your certificate will not expire, however you may wish to complete refresher training to ensure you maintain your knowledge.

Where Can I Work?

  • Bars, Clubs and Pubs
  • Casinos and Gaming Venues
  • Hotels and Resorts

Potential Career Outcomes

  • Duty Manager
  • Gaming Attendant
  • Gaming Supervisor
  • Gaming Manager
  • Bar Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Venue Manager


What Internet browser should I be using to do my course?

The course and its features unfortunately do not support the Internet Explorer browser.  We strongly recommend you use Google Chrome or Firefox.

Click here to download Google Chrome

Click here to download Firefox

Who needs a CLO Certificate?

The Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice requires that gambling venues appoint a person to perform the role of Customer Liaison Officer (CLO). So if you are considering working in gaming, it is recommended to have this certificate.

Is the online Customer Liaison Officer training course accepted in all Australian States and Territories?

Licensing laws are different in each State and Territory; not all States accept online training. The Club Training Australia Client Liaison Officer (CLO) online training course meets the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework and is a nationally recognised unit. This online training course is accepted in Queensland.

How much does the course cost?

The CLO online training course is $45 which includes phone and email support from our qualified trainers and assessors.

English is my second language, will I have difficulties understanding the learning materials?

Our qualified trainers and assessors have years of experience helping students from all over the world. Sometimes just having something explained over the phone makes the difference. Phone our Helpdesk on 1800 653 266 or (07) 3878 8977.

What type of certificates will I receive when I finish my online CLO course?

You will receive an industry recognised Customer Liaison Officer certificate.

How long before I receive my certificates?

As soon as you successfully complete your Final Assessment, you can generate your industry recognised certificate. Download and print your certificate and start working immediately.