One drink can be too much

Responsible Service of AlcoholFor some people, one drink is enough. Certain people simply cannot handle alcohol, as for them – consuming alcohol at any level can be very dangerous. This is as different people react differently to alcohol; and for some, their body does not react well, even to just one drink.

People that simply cannot consume alcohol, even small levels, are generally individuals that have a history of alcoholism, had a stroke, liver or pancreatic disease, pharynx or mouth and particularly breast cancer. Also, people that consume certain medications should not consume alcohol as it has adverse effects and, if mixed with alcohol, can increase or speed up intoxication.

As we noted earlier, people react to alcohol differently; there are many factors, other than medication, that may affect each person’s alcohol intake before becoming intoxicated. These include; age, gender, race or ethnicity, physical wellbeing, speed of alcohol consumption, food and family history of alcoholism. Therefore, moderation is key.

However, many people find it difficult to drink moderately. According to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, a large portion of people, when consuming alcohol, consume it at risky levels.

Non-drinking is always an option. There is a large portion of Australians that make the clear choice not to consume alcohol. Around 18% of Australians don’t consume alcohol.

If you know that you become intoxicated quickly or drink at risky levels, you should consider reducing your alcohol intake, reducing it to a safe level. Moderation when consuming alcohol is key; if you are able to control your alcohol consumption, you will be able to stay in control and make responsible decisions.