On-site management

RMLV TrainingPeople always talk about on-site management being important, but why? Why a manager on-site at all times going to change the outcome of the business? The benefits are immediate, and can alter the moral and performance of a business.

The immediate benefits of proper facility management are apparent in everyday day activities within the business, which include safety, serviceability and overall appearance of the venue.

Safety: if facilities are allowed to deteriorate, they become a safety risk for both staff and customers. Therefore, it is the management’s job to ensure that all furniture and facilities are maintained and kept to a safe standard. If facilities do deteriorate, they should be disposed off immediately.

Serviceability: Facilities need to be kept at a servable level for customers. If managers allow facilities to deteriorate and do not function as they should, customers become frustrated and find somewhere else to go.

Appearance: It is important for the venue to be clean, tidy and the atmosphere must be welcoming. If the venue becomes untidy, customers will not return, appearance is important as it is the first thing that customers notice.

Management’s on-site attendance is vital at times; this is as staff when left unattended, they can become lazy and let certain aspects deteriorate. Management needs to have a clear idea of the condition of the venue and ensure that it is up to standard. Also, on-site management is considered valuable by customers as they feel valued, and as though their presence requires management’s attendance. If a venue is not attended by management on a regular basis, the quality and efficiency of the venue will quickly drop and, therefore, will lose customers.