OHS in the hospitality industry

Responsible Managers understand that liquor cannot be sold or supplied to a disorderly patron.

Health and safety in the workplace is everyone’s concern and everyone’s responsibility. The hospitality industry at a glance may not seem to be a particularly dangerous one but there are definite risks associated considering staffs are working with knives, explosive gases, heavy objects, fire, oils and slippery wet areas. A Certificate IV In OHS will prepare you for working in any industry including hospitality.

All persons at a workplace have legal obligations with regards to work health and safety.   An understanding of your legal obligations is an essential part of ensuring a high standard of health and safety is maintained at your workplace.

Establishing an effective work health and safety system is a legal requirement. The legislation is extensive, continually changing and job-specific. As laws governing work health and safety are frequently changing and updating, it is necessary to periodically check the relevant legislation in your area.

Ensuring that hospitality workers and workplaces are safe is covered in the Certificate IV In Occupational Health and Safety.